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Join hosts Tarik Ghiradella and Anna Linvill for conversations with living composers and musicians about music, life, and what’s happening in the genre defying world of classical music today. The Composer’s Studio is a place where living art is made, a place without boundaries where inspiration can come from anywhere from birdsong to heavy metal, Vivaldi to the hum of a vacuum cleaner. Composers are no longer confined to the concert stage or the cathedral. They create immersive experiences, contribute to film scores, television commercials, video game soundtracks and beyond. With special emphasis on the local scene, this is a classical music show like none you have ever heard. 

The Composer's Studio was co-created by composer Tarik Ghiradella and community arts organizer, Anna Linvill. 


Meet The Team

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Tarik Ghiradella

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Anna Linvill

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